Scurtă Istorie (Palme d'Or 1957)

Short History has a dual philosophical content. It's full of ideas and poetry, in a funny short story full of rhythm and imagination.
Ian Popescu-Gopo admitted that he tried to start an "anti-Disney rebellion" with his animated films. He knew he would be unable to surpass Disney's animation characters in color and beauty, so he tried to be more profound in message and substance: he simplified the form and techniques used. Gopo is, in fact, designed in simple lines.

The main character is Gopo, a Homo Sapiens, featured in most of his films, and he is a reflection of himself, almost a self-portrait. He appears to be a lost creature, an innocent party, not knowing how and why he came about. But as the plot develops he adjusts his outlook and attains the upperhand. He goes through all the evolutionary stages of history until he reaches space and discovers a new life.

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