A Letter From the Western (1999)

A Letter From the Western Front is a well-crafted piece by Daniel Kanemoto, a film graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.
This film was produced using PhotoShop, AfterEftects and watercolor paints. Kanemoto scanned his original paintings into the computer and then used the software to composite and transform each element into the unique multiplane environment of the story.

A 25-piece orchestra performed the original score, composed by Ryan Shore.
This short is a romantic tale of a newly married soldier. It's a far cry from the sludge of South Park wannabes that normally flood these sites.
In Belleau Wood, France, during the Great War, a soldier named John writes a letter home to his wife Sara in Milwaukee. He tells her about sorties into No Man's Land and that they have orders tonight to charge. Then, his letter becomes a report of that charge: towards an armed German soldier who doesn't fire, even when John reaches him and jumps into the trench beside him. What happens next brings silence and an end to the letter.

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