La Joconde: Histoire d'une obsession(1958)

How many films did you watch in your life? How many films narrate the obsession of a character? It's very simple, for a cinematographer, to leave all the intepretations open but sometimes the fact could be true.

A man is obsessed by the Mona Lisa after he has seen the famous painting at the museum of the Louvre. This anecdote is the inspiraton of Heri Gruel's short. Boris Vian give free course to his imagination and tries to solve the enigma of the smile of the Mona Lisa.
La Joconde won The Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival.


Mella said...
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Mella said...

I beg Alicia's pardon, who just send me this mail

Henry gruel was my grandfather and I'm sure this video is not exactly the film "La joconde".
All the parts were a man explain how to "cut" the joconde is absolutely no in the real film.
Thanks to show the real one."

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