I'm Not The Girl Who Misses Much (1986)

In I'm Not The Girl Who Misses Much, Pipilotti Rist dances before a camera in a black dress with uncovered breasts. The images are often monochromatic and fuzzy. Rists repeatedly sings I'm not the girl who misses much, a reference to the first line of the song Happiness Is a Warm Gun by the Beatles. As the video approaches its end, the image becomes increasingly blue and fuzzy and the sound stops.

Rist's classic video takes on rock music with its own tools, pushing pop's repetitive strategies and representations of women to absurd lengths. Rist's manipulation renders her voice into a parody of female hysteria and her body into a grotesquely dancing doll. Through obsessive mimesis Rist exhausts any possible legibility of the words, only to finally deliver John Lennon singing the real song.

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