Biogenesis (1995)

William Latham is best known for his pioneering work in evolutionary art which he collaboratively produced with IBM UK between 1987 and 1993. Subsequently he worked in the computer games industry, exploring the use of artificial intelligence techniques. Now Latham has re-emerged into the public conscience with a return to his earlier evolutionary art
Biogenesis shows the evolution of artificial life forms in a synthetic universe where ‘survival of the fittest’ is replaced by ‘survival of the most aesthetic‘. We see cellular evolution and the replication of mutations forming chain-like structures resembling coral.

Survival of the most aesthetic in a synthetic digital universe of constantly evolving coral forms. From cell to psychedelic, this is DNA with attitude, and a reply to all those who did not think there could be life in the machine.
long synopsis
It can be viewed as a psychedelic experience or a more subtle parody of a man’s relationship with the natural world through modern technology.

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