Number One (2007)

Leighton Pierce has made over 30 short impressionistic/experimental documentaries exploring the margins of memory and perception and the filmic construction of space and time. Many of his recent works focus on unsentimental close views of small events in domestic space. While always concentrating on the subtleties of sound/image relationships, these films are also visually unique as reflected in the cinematography awards these films have won.

With water imagery as the foundation, Number One presents an experience of elasticity between varying states of mind. The contrasts in this multi-image poetic piece are developed in an interwoven relation to each other to both document and invoke the magnetized and elastic push/pull that is the flow of our conscious attention.
There is never one set of oppositions but rather a dance of relationships between contrasting states. This is one way to think about how a mind works: at any moment, there is never just one thing (or feeling, or perception) in life; there is always a magnetized and elastic push/pull among many things at once. The flow of our attention among these things is our mind. Number One is one way to map a few moments in such a mind.

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