Army of Me (2005)

Stephane Sednaoui has worked as a photographer in fashion and journalism and many of his music videos have a very stylized, photographic quality as a result. His videos tell elaborate stories as backdrops for the characters he creates. He makes juxtapositions that work with the songs, despite his admission that when coming up with the concepts for his videos, he never listens to the text.

Sednaoui considers the individual personality of the modern pop star more generously than any other music video director, and his simulacra of the human body connects us in startling ways to that essence we find so attractive in these artists.
His videos often evoke the distortion of looking into a funhouse mirror, an alternate reality of sinister shapes, streaks, and colors brought to life using wave-like visual effects, double exposures, greenscreen compositing, oblique camera placements, and a radical use of film stock.
You can buy Director's Series Vol. 7 - Work of Director Stéphane Sednaoui

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