Kleingeld (1999)

Herr Hoffman parks his late-model car in a lot across from his corner office on the top floor. Each day, he puts a coin in the cup of a beggar who stands in front of the building. One day, Hoffman looks out his window and notices the beggar washing his car. That evening, when he gives the beggar a coin, Hoffmann tells him not the wash it. But the next day, it happens again...

Kleingeld was inspired by The Philanthropist, a play which was performed in Berlin by a student theater group. In the play a character tells a story about something that happened to him, but in the film, it's a different character, it's a different setting.
Marc-Andreas Bochert makes a short which is exceptionally well thought through, visually.
The cinematic space that articulates this story is made up of a series of repetitions, this space is shown with many variations.
Marc-Andreas Bochert also worked very carefully with the music. These are the dynamics from which Kleingeld can profit.

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