Cashback (2004)

Sean Ellis narrates a sedate and surreal story of broken love and reborn.
The protagonist is a reflective man, who works in a supermaket and struggles against the tyranny of time.
Ben Willis is an art student who works the night shift several times a week at the Whitechapel Sainsbury's. Heart broken and tortured by insomnia Ben explains his view and experience of female beauty.

The movie is about love, art and supermarket co-workers and shows an interesting view of time and time stopping. The most obvious artistic quality in the movie might be that of drawing, capturing beauty, but the red thread in the story is the path between one lost relation and the passionate flames of new love and the feelings it conquers.
Cashback was nominated for the 2006 Academy Award for Live Action Short Film. It was expanded into a full-length feature of the same name which was released by Gaumont in late 2006. It had its North American premiere on September 10, 2006, at the Toronto International Film Festival and has been screened at a number of other international festivals.
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