Girl from Moush (1994)

Girl From Moush look at the after-effects of genocide in Armenia and large-scale expulsion and murder in Asia Minor in the years after the First World War. It focuses on identity and how it is constructed in our global society. On camera, images move rapidly, often looking as though a strip of film is being pulled quickly through the projector. Multiple images appear as well.
This short marks the beginning of Gariné Torossian's investigation into visual approaches to an imaginary home country, offering a performative approach to memory, that requires the viewer to actively participate in the assimilation of the material presented, as fleeting and disparate as it is.

An English-speaking woman, who's off camera, talks about what it means to be an Armenian, even though she's never been in Armenia. Beginning with her own journey as a diasporanl Armenian born in Lebanon and raised in Canada, Torossian culls images from books, shot and recorded her own voice in an attempt to capture the schism between self and place in a world where the concept of native and migrant is always in flux.

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