Le Canard à l'orange (2002)

Patrick Bokanowski developed a manner of treating filmic materiel that crosses over traditional boundaries of film genre. His works lie on the edge between optical and plastic art, reinventing itself. He challenges the idea that cinema must, essentiallly, reproduce reality, our everyday thoughts and feelings, contradicting the photographic objectivity that is firmly tied to the essence of film production, and attempting to open the art of film up to other possibilities of expression

A housewife is preparing a duck à l'orange in her kitchen. But the reluctant bird tries to escape from her but the woman manages to recaptures it and plucks it savagely. Once the duck is put in the oven, an alligator unexpectedly appears in the kitchen, threatening the cook. She tries to escape from it first, then pursues it and finally sits down at the table with it. Meanwhile, the duck succeeds in opening the the door of the oven and flies away through the open window.

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