Badgered (2005)

The tale of a grumpy badger who just wants the world to let him sleep.

Two crows disturb while he's hibernation. The badger climbs out of its hole once to try to silence the crows. When that doesn't work, fate intervenes and the hill on which are the crow's tree and the badger's lair becomes an underground missile silo. The badger investigates, and events move beyond its control. Is sleep in the offing?

There is another level to this story of a badger who just wants to sleep, but it is told with a light, humorous touch, not an annoying alarm-clock style bleating. It approaches the topic of nuclear power from a new, refreshing, badger's eye point of view.
It’s funny. It’s political.
Sharon Colman approachs animation from a traditional illustrative angle and is amused by the peculiar and absurdity of human nature, and developed an interest in character and their physiological makeup.

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